What are outdoor curtains?

Outdoor curtains are a modern and elegant product that can be used to convert existing outdoor spaces such as gazebos, porches, decks and patios into comfortable entertainment and recreation spaces.

They are made from a marine grade, solution dyed polyester fabric which makes it perfect for outdoor use. It is both waterproof and able to withstand extreme temperatures (both hot and cold). These curtains are relatively maintenance-free and washable therefore a perfect solution for homeowners who do not relish the idea of spending lots of time cleaning and doing repairs.

How are outdoor curtains installed?

Outdoor curtains are relatively simple to install. They operate on the same principle as draperies installed inside your home. A track is affixed to the roof of your porch, patio or gazebo and the outdoor curtains, which contain carriers, run along these tracks. The curtains can be opened or closed manually. When closed the curtains are a screen that keeps pesky flying and crawling insects, flies and mosquitoes out of your enclosed entertainment areas, allowing you to enjoy the lovely weather. The curtains are usually comprised of several panels which are affixed together by powerful earth magnets ensuring that insects do not enter your living space through the openings between the panels.

Once the tracks are installed they can remain up year-round or they can be taken down at any time. This is done by simply sliding the carriers off the tracks and removing the curtains or screens.

Our curtains can be a perfect project for DIYers or can be installed by our company.

Advantages of outdoor curtains

• Outdoor curtains can be affixed to existing structures such as patios, porches, and gazebos which already have a covered roof, therefore eliminating the need for costly additions to your home.

• Outdoor curtains convert previously unusable spaces into valuable, comfortable living and entertainment spaces while eliminating the nuisance of flying and crawling bugs and insects.

• They improve the aesthetics of your home as these modern, trendy and elegant curtains add a touch of ‘glamour’ and ‘glitz’ to previously mundane spaces. It adds versatility to your backyard or front porches improving the curb appeal of your home, making you the ‘talk’ of the neighbourhood and your friends.

• Outdoor curtains increase the square footage of usable living space and therefore add value to your existing property.

• These curtains add versatility to outdoor spaces. They can be pulled, like a screen, to create a dining/entertaining/living space while keeping out pesky bugs and insects or they can be drawn and tied back allowing the kids and pets to run and play freely without the encumbrance of opening or closing a screen.

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