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Vertical blinds, like their name suggests, are made of slats of varying widths that are hung vertically from a head rail to the floor. Verticals, are they are fondly called, are very versatile and come in a variety of options.

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Here are some options that homeowners can choose from if they are seeking vertical window coverings:


These are the most common type of vertical blinds on the market. They are made of a PVC material that is very sturdy and inexpensive. They can be made with bottom weights for added stability. These vertical blinds are quite light weight, durable and easy to clean. Given their lighter weight there is less wear and tear on the operating mechanism.


Solar fabrics can be used to create vertical blinds that allow the home owner to maintain the view of the outside while still blocking out the harmful UV rays of the sun. The vertical vanes can be made from 3 – 10% solar screen materials, the lower percentage on the screen material the more light is blocked from entering the room.


S curve window treatments are quite good at blocking out light from entering a room and are curved, similar to draperies, when closed. The S shape helps the vertical slats to fit neatly one into the other keeping out more light than other vertical window treatment options.


Faux wood verticals are made of materials that look like wood to compliment a wood décor. These vertical blinds are less expensive than real wood and are less susceptible to the harmful effects of the sunlight, such as warping and fading, than those fabricated out of real wood.


If budget is not a concern vertical blinds can be made of real wood however these can fade or warp with continuous exposure to sunlight. They are very rich and luxurious in appearance.


Aluminum vertical blinds do not rust easily however they can dent or crease over time. Aluminum blinds are also made with horizontal vanes and are perfect for commercial or rental spaces.


Headrail/Guider tracks: Vertical window coverings typically require more space to install the headrail/guider tracks than other window coverings so be sure to check if there is enough space for mounting.

Potential to be noisy: Vertical blinds, especially PVC vertical shades, can be noisy when they are being opened /closed as the vanes touch each other when they are being opened or closed.

Stacking options: When vertical blinds are open the vanes stack against each other. You need to decide where you would like the vanes to be stacked when open prior to them being made as this option is included in the mechanism in the headrail. Options include stacking to the right, the left or the middle.

Vanes are bulky when open: when vertical blinds are open and the vanes are stacked to the right, left, both right and left or the middle. The stacked vanes can be quite bulky and obstruct the view, so if the view is important to you then you may want to reconsider whether vertical blinds are the right option for you. Other window treatment options such as roller shades roll to the top of the window providing a full view of the outdoors.

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