The Health Benefits of Adding More Colour to Your Home

While you may fall into the “black is best” category when it comes to choosing your wardrobe and planning your outfit, having your home decor stuck with a mundane colour palette isn’t a good idea.

In fact, research shows that it may even be bad for your health. That’s right, there are health benefits to adding colour to your life. So, what exactly can colour in your home do for your health? More than you may have expected! Let’s dig in and learn about the surprising benefits of having a colourful home.

Stay Calm

When you walk into your home, or invite others in, you want it to be a welcoming oasis. How do you do this? Elegant motorized window treatments or custom draperies that lets in just the right amount of natural light can provide such a setting. Also, custom designed furniture arranged to create an open concept that is inviting and warm does the trick. A colour palette that provides a calm atmosphere, grounds you and your guests and sets the tone for warm and enjoyable conversation is definitely a winner! Attaining a degree of calmness in a room is more achievable than you may have thought: just add the right colours! Pink has been found to soothe and relax those who experience emotional distress, while green is calming because of its association with nature and serenity. Not only does eliciting more calmness in your home make for a more comfortable and welcoming environment, but it also reduces anxiety, increases confidence, and makes you more inclined to tackle challenges and take on projects outside your comfort zone.

rescom designs toronto Interior Blog pink painted room The Health Benefits of Adding More Colour to Your Home

Boost Confidence

Speaking of confidence, you can increase it by more than just adding calming colours to a room. In fact, confidence comes with its own colour: orange! The thing with orange is it is bold, it is outspoken, it is vibrant, and it is brave. As New York Fashion Institute member, Sara Petitt says, “shy people don’t wear orange. You want to be noticed if you wear orange.” And the same applies to your home: you want to make a statement, have an impact, and feel bold and empowered when you walk into a room. You can do that with design choices such as orange accent walls, blindscustom closets with orange inflection throughout or using a bold orange area rug.

rescom designs toronto Interior Blog Benefits of adding colour 02 The Health Benefits of Adding More Colour to Your Home

Build up Love

Don’t assume though that the special treatment has to stop with orange, for once you go that bold, you are all in, and the possibilities for adding additional colour and health benefits to your home are endless. If there is one thing you want to make sure of, it is that your home is full of love. For that, of course, is none other than the colour red. Most people will immediately think of love when they see red integrated into the custom window treatments in your home, or in accent details like throw cushions, artwork, or lamps, and will immediately feel the love radiating throughout the room when they enter, who doesn’t want to spread the love! You can even incorporate red into your garage cabinets, samples of which you can see at our showroom at Unit 23, 71 Marycroft Avenue in Vaughan, Ontario.

rescom designs toronto Interior Blog Benefits of adding colour 03 The Health Benefits of Adding More Colour to Your Home

While many of us may assume colour will grow old and date a home, and we will grow tired of having bold accents and bright hues around us, when it boosts your health (and your mood!), it is time to stop being afraid to add colour to your room. Opting to add vibrancy via custom motorized window coverings, such as roller shades, roman shades, custom drapery or cellular shades is the perfect way to integrate a little colour that pops alongside bright furniture and accessories.

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