Window Treatment Options for Tall Windows

You’ve always dreamed of a home with tall windows. Maybe it started when a trip to the museum revealed Renaissance-era manor drawing rooms with huge windows covered in ornate draperies.

Or maybe the fantasy goes back to every book you ever read that featured kings and queens, knights, and daring rescues from medieval castles. There’s something rich and elegant about a window that climbs all the way to the ceiling, allowing for natural light and beautiful views of the outside world.

Custom Drapery:

Custom draperies for your tall windows can add an air of elegance and sophistication to any room.

  • Choose fabrics that will draw on hues, tones and colors that are already in the room such as furniture, accents such as decorative pillows or ornaments or even your favorite artwork that have been specially chosen to brighten up the room.
  • Alternatively, you can select custom draperies in neutral hues so you can decorate and re-decorate to your heart’s content.

Combination of Blackout and Sheer Draperies:

  • Blackout custom draperies beautifully frame and decorate tall windows in any room and are excellent for keeping the heat out on hot summer days and the cold out on those icy winter days helping you to save on energy bills;
  • Blackout draperies also work well to keep the sun’s harmful UV rays from discoloring your floors and expensive artwork;
  • Sheer or light filtering draperies can be used together with blackout draperies. The blackout draperies can be drawn to either side of the tall window while leaving the sheer draperies to cover the window panes. This arrangement allows light into the room while still maintaining some privacy. The filtering rays of the sun add a peaceful, golden energy to any room
  • Both blackout and sheer draperies can be motorized using Somfy Glydea tracks so that the draperies can be operated at the touch of a button or even remotely when you are at work or on vacation. Isn’t that awesome!

Roman Shades:

Our ancient Roman predecessors knew a thing or two about style and décor. Based on ruins left behind, they also understood the delicate balance between fashion and function. Homeowners who love neat and tidy ‘looks’ will appreciate the beauty of a roman window treatment as they hang flat like a drape when extended and fold up in even segments when drawn. On a tall window you have the option of doing half up, half down for a fashionable accent.

Roman shades are a great option for long windows for several reasons:

  • Roman shades are referred to as ‘soft window treatments’ as they are made out fabric. Therefore, you as the home owner can choose the perfect fabric that matches your décor and sense of style and still obtain the ‘functional’ aspect of the window treatment;
  • Roman blinds can be made in blackout or light filtering materials so that you can choose a blackout fabric for complete privacy or a light filtering fabric to enjoy the view outdoors while still enjoying the glamour and luxury of your tall windows;
  • Roman shades can be motorized so that they can be controlled from the touch of a button on a remote, smartphone or iPad.

Roller or Solar Shades:

Many believe that roller or solar shades are an impractical option for tall windows due to the long cords that will be dangling on the side. Long cords are both unsightly and can pose a hazard to young children.

The solution: motorize the roller or solar blind for the tall window and now you have a modern, trendy window treatment option that is both functional and fashionable. These motorized roller blinds will certainly be the envy of all your friends and neighbors who did not think of this option for their high windows.

Cellular or honeycomb shade

A cellular or honeycomb shade is another great window treatment option for a tall window.

  • It has an excellent R-Value i.e. it is one of the most energy efficient window treatments as it traps a layer of air between the window and the cellular shade creating a barrier and stopping the hot air from entering the room in the summer and the cold air in the winter.
  • A cellular blind has both blackout and light filtering capabilities for privacy and to allow the natural sunlight to enter the room.
  • Cellular shades can be motorized for easy access to those tall window treatments.

Whatever décor you decide on for your tall window treatments, know that there are options as you should be able to decorate your tall windows to reflect your own flair for style, while achieving the benefits of functional window treatments. Visit us at ResCom Designs or give us a call at 416-895-3547 for inspiration and the perfect window coverings for your tall windows.