Window Treatments and Solar-Powered Blinds Technology

The right windows and the right custom window treatments can brighten and freshen up your home’s décor as well as improve your home’s efficiency and comfort level by reducing energy costs. Window coverings have improved drastically over the years and are now available with many options including solar motorization for your custom roller shades, roman blinds, draperies and solar shades…

Solar powered motorized blinds are a one-stop solution for all your home needs. Here’s how they can improve the functionality and aesthetics of your home …


Don’t simply listen to us but heed the advice of the experts at Health Canada who remind “Canadians that the safest window coverings are ones that have no cords that you can see or touch.” They go on to add that corded blinds pose a very real danger to children but it is a preventable risk. Therefore, to keep your kids safe and avoid unnecessary risk:

  • Install cordless solar powered blinds in your kids’ bedrooms
  • Place motorized blinds in the rooms where your kids play and spend lots of time
  • Have solar powered blinds at the grandparents’ home and cottage if kids spend a lot of time there
  • Place motorized blinds in the rooms where your kids play and spend lots of time
  • Have solar powered blinds at the grandparents’ home and cottage if kids spend a lot of time there


Experts say that window coverings of any type reflect light energy back out—light energy that would otherwise be changed into heat. Warm Canadian summers can find homeowners and renters scrambling for ways to keep their homes cooler to keep their energy bills from skyrocketing. Some research even indicates that window coverings that are properly made and installed reduce solar heat raising a room’s temperature anywhere from 20% to 70%, depending on the material used.

  • Solar-powered window blinds can be programmed so that window treatments are lowered during the hours when the sun hits directly in the room and are raised when the sun is gone. This greatly reduces the amount of heat entering the room making it more energy efficient.
  • Skylights are great for letting natural light enter your home however with the light comes the heat. Think of the heat being trapped in your home on a July or August afternoon from the skylight and how much cooler things would be with a way to block it out. Given that skylights are usually high and not very accessible solar powered skylight blinds are an excellent idea as they will keep your home cooler and your energy bill lower!


We spend lots of time and money on finding the perfect hardwood floors, furniture and artwork. Do we ever think of the effect of the sun’s rays on them and how much they become tarnished over time? Solar powered blinds are a godsend to families who want to protect their hard-earned investments. How does this work?

  • Simply set timers so that the solar powered blinds are lowered when the sun enters the room to avoid the harmful rays from discoloring your prized possessions.
    What about the different seasons? That’s simple – set different timers for different seasons and then forget about it – it is that easy!
  • And what if you didn’t have to worry about a way to power your motorized window treatments? What if mother nature did the work for you? Solar-powered motorized blinds give you this option. Unlike models that use lithium ion batteries or require you to invest in the cost hiring an electrician to wire your home to include remote controlled window coverings, solar-powered blinds are designed with built-in solar panels to absorb the sun’s energy, charging a battery so you can adjust your solar powered window blinds using a remote control, day or night.



The answer is simple:

• Which model is in your price range?
• Which models offer the aesthetics you want in your home?
• Which models come with research provided about their energy efficiency abilities?

With a little research, finding the best solar-powered blinds for your home can be smooth sailing and lead to a cool and relaxing indoor experience this summer. Visit ResCom Designs to view the many options we have available to enhance the beauty and functionality of your home and visit our Youtube channel to see some of our motorized window coverings.

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