Roman shade options:

Light filtering / Blackout / Privacy / Cordless / Motorized

When roman shades are drawn up (open) they have a stacked appearance. When they are rolled down to provide privacy or to block out the sun some roman shades have a smooth look, similar to that of a roller shade. Roman blinds are made with a cord mechanism and the cords run vertically on the outer sides of the roman shade.

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Roman shades can be manufactured with some of the following options:

Hard roman shades are made using stiffer fabrics – the same type of fabrics that are used to make roller shades. These roman shades are of the classic or flat types as explained below.

Soft Roman shades or ‘soft’ window treatments are more common as they are made of softer fabrics, like those used to make draperies. Here are some different types of ‘soft’ roman shades.


A flat roman shade will lie flat, similar in look to a roller shade when fully extended (closed). When it is raised (open) it looks somewhat like an accordion with neatly stacked folds/pleats. These window treatments offer a ‘soft’ and uncluttered look to the décor of any room.


The hobbled roman shade retains its folds or loops even when it is fully extended (closed). It creates an even ‘softer’ look than a classic roman blind as the loops cascade down. The hobbled roman blinds are closer in ‘look’ and ‘feel’ to draperies and provide a good compromise between roller shades and draperies.


As its name suggests an embellished roman shade has additional features. Both classic roman shades and hobbled roman shades can be embellished. Embellishments include:

  • The bottom of the roman shade being curved (instead of being straight), sometimes like a fan, referred to as the European style;
  • Tassels or beads are added to the bottom trim of the blind as additional decorations; or
  • A vertical line is placed in place in the middle of the roman blind;


These roman shades are essentially two separate window treatments that operate independently, one at the front and the other at the back. The roman shade at the front is usually made of sheer fabric and the one at the back of a heavier less transparent fabric. Homeowners using this option get both the light filtering and the blackout option in the double roman blind.


Roman window treatments can also be dressed up with a fabric wrapped wooden cornice or pelmet. The cornice is like a valance and is installed at the top of the roman shade to create an even more elegant and luxurious décor to your home.


Roman shades, like other window treatments, are very versatile and can be made with many different options such as:

  • Light filtering;
  • Blackout / privacy
  • Cordless
  • Motorized

Cordless roman blinds eliminate the risk to young children of the danger posed by cords. These shades can be lifted manually to open and close. Motorized roman shades are powered window treatments and they are operated at the touch of a button on a remote. They can also be controlled via an app on a cell phone, tablet or iPad. These window coverings can be programmed to open or close at specific times. Motorization also allows you to control your window coverings while you are at work or even on vacation in another country.

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