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Ripplefold draperies are very popular because they have the exact consistent undulating appearance both from both the interior and the exterior of the room. The draperies glide effortlessly along a mounted track and are a very modern and contemporary choice. They are equally popular for both residential and commercial projects.


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How are they made?

Ripplefold draperies are made by sewing a continuous strip of snaps to the top of the drapery panel. These snaps are attached to the drapery hardware to create an unvarying rippling pattern. Ripple fold draperies can be made to varying fullness to suit individual interior designs or tastes.  

Blackout or light filtering or both?
Ripplefold draperies can be made with either light filtering or blackout fabrics.
Light filtering fabrics create an airy, delicate appearance.
Blackout fabrics provide privacy and additional protection, from the harmful UV rays of the sun, for your hardwood floors, furniture and artwork.  Multiple layers of draperies

Benefits of Ripplefold Draperies

  • Fool proof consistent appearance unlike other drapery styles, you do not have to be a talented designer to ensure that your draperies always look evenly pleated. Once the draperies are installed the pleats or ripples always remain perfectly spaced. Whether open or closed you never have to adjust the pleats to get that flawless look.
  • Low maintenance – these draperies are very easy and simple to take down and clean. You can do this yourself by simply unsnapping the draperies off the carriers, washing them, and snapping the draperies back onto the carriers.
  • Cost effective – depending on the fullness of the draperies, ripplefold draperies may require led fabric per panel than pinched pleat draperies.
  • Greater window exposure – when ripplefold draperies are drawn open they stack back very tight to the end of the track. This allows the maximum amount of sunlight to filter in the room when the drapes are open.

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