Panel track blinds

Panel tracks are an ideal window covering option for large openings such as sliding glass doors and patio doors. They can also be used to cover large windows or as a screen to stylishly divide two rooms.
Panel tracks are made of vertical panes of fabric, like large roller shades, that glide effortlessly along a track. They can either be mounted on the ceiling above the door or the wall to the side of the door. When open, the panels stack to one side and when closed the fabric panels cover the patio or sliding glass door to provide privacy and light control. Given their sheer size they are a lovely interior design statement that complement the décor of the room.


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Panel tracks can be used as a:

Regular window treatment

Panel tracks can be made from light filtering or privacy fabrics, providing the same benefits as regular window treatments such as blocking out light or providing your furniture, artwork and wooden floors from the UV rays of the sun. In addition, they provide protection from the heat of the summer sun and from the coldness of the winter.

Design accent

Given that they can be made from fabrics similar to roller shades the color options are numerous. Solar fabrics, plain, patterned or woven wood materials are some of the other options that can be used by the homeowner to create a unique window treatment that jazzes up or complements any décor.

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