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ResCom Designs is proud to offer a unique outdoor product that transforms previously under-utilized outdoor spaces such as gazebos, porches, decks and patios into classy and comfortable entertainment and recreation spaces during the warm months.

Our outdoor curtains are screens that create an elegant atmosphere and provide a truly bug-free experience. They are custom made from a marine grade, solution dyed waterproof polyester fabric. They are relatively maintenance-free and can be easily cleaned with regular dish detergent and water making them a perfect solution for homeowners who do not relish the idea of spending lots of time cleaning and doing repairs.


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Discover the perfect bug-free escape in your own backyard.

Outdoor curtains operate on the same principle as draperies installed inside your home. A track is affixed to the top of your porch and the outdoor curtains, which contain carriers, run along these tracks. The curtains can be opened or closed manually.

All possible gaps where bugs can enter i.e. where the curtains meet the house or where the panels meet each other are properly secured by snaps and rare earth magnets respectively.

Installation is pretty simple – it can be done by ResCom Designs or it can be a perfect project for DIYers as we will provide all instructions and accessories that are required.

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ResCom Designs has been built upon a firm foundation of customer satisfaction and referrals from happy clients. We’ve worked diligently to build and maintain our stellar reputation and we take our commitment to our customers very seriously.

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