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We live in the age where we can download any possible app on our smart phone. Why not make your blinds automatic and be able to control it from your smart phone or iPad?

As a certified Somfy and certified Lutron dealer ResCom Designs can make that dream a reality. We provide the option for you to control your window treatments from a singular remote or a smart phone or iPad.

Window treatments are easily motorized using electrically powered, discreet and quiet tubular motors. These motors can be operated by a wall mounted switch, a remote control or interfaced with your building management system. The motor is installed directly in the headrail or tube. It is compact, quiet and powerful, and can operate almost any size and type of blind.


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With motorized blinds you can sit back, relax and enjoy ‘touch of a button’ convenience and control.

You can also motorize your existing window treatments by installing specialised motors powered by compact long-life batteries (AA Lithium Batteries) which can operate for up to three (3) years per battery wand with every-day use.

Motorization allows the adding of other features such as optional timer controls and sun sensors. Timer controls can be set to have your window coverings open at sunrise and close at sunset. Sun sensors can also be installed together with motorisation to protect your floors, carpets, artwork and furniture from the Sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays while you are at work or away on holiday. This is also a great mechanism to conserve energy as it can keep the heat of the sun out during the day and the harsh winter cold out at night.

Motorisation improves the aesthetics of your home as also eliminates the need for unsightly chains or cords. It also and allows easy access to open and close high or windows that are inaccessible or difficult to reach. It is easily installed as a retrofit and can be integrated with home or commercial building automation systems. One of our associates can consult with you or your electrician at the planning stage for both domestic and commercial jobs.

At ResCom Designs we use the French Somfy® motors and control systems, world leaders in automated systems. With offices worldwide including a Canadian office located in Mississauga you can be assured on their commitment to product service directly from the manufacturer.

Somfy® has over thirty-five years of experience in the field of motorization. Their tubular motors are some of the world’s quietest and with a built-in radio receiver. It is therefore simply a matter of plugging them in to a power source. Programming can then be managed easily with the use of a variety of remote controls.

Their products are tested under extreme conditions and those featuring stress simulation. All Somfy® products are certified according to current Canadian technical and safety regulations. ResCom Designs, MotorizedBlindsToronto and our suppliers, in conjunction with Somfy®, guarantee excellent product quality, installation and simplicity of use for all customers.

Motors carry a five (5) year guarantee.
Somfy® motors or automated systems can be installed during construction of a new home or construction building or during remodeling or renovations or we can retrofit to an existing system.
Combined with home and building automation systems, sun and wind sensors, motorization can automatically protect interiors from UV damage, control sun and glare and be a large component of temperature management.

With sun sensors and/or timer controls you can take advantage of natural solar heating or minimize the heat entering your home or building, reducing air conditioning requirements.

Somfy® automation systems are designed to improve your comfort, security and energy efficiency – making life easier and more convenient!!

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