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Call us and we will provide a free estimate to convert your existing manual or corded blinds into smart, Health Canada compliant, safe blinds. Let us help you to become the envy of your friends and family and create that smart home that you always wanted.

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Are you envious of your friends who have smart or motorized blinds?
Do you want to never have to walk to each blind every morning to open it and every evening to close it?
We can certainly help – we will come in and motorize your existing roller shades. You don’t have to incur a large expense by buying new blinds.
We can come in and make the blinds that you already have in your home automated or smart.
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You may be thinking … I can’t afford this.

Well, you certainly can! Our motors, which carry a 5 year warranty, begin from as little as $125 per blind.

So, call us today at 416-895-3547 or complete the form on our website and we will provide you with a free estimate.

Blind Options

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Blind Options
Roller ShadesBlackout Roller ShadesLight Filtering Rolling ShadesZebra ShadesRoman Shades

Roller Shades

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Roller shades or roller blinds are very popular window treatments due to their easy continuous loop mechanism for upward and downward movement and almost limitless fabric and colour options.

Blackout Roller Shades

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Blackout fabrics are perfect for bedrooms to obstruct light from the sun during the day or streetlights and the moon at night. They are also well suited for use in offices and home theatres. If you truly want a ‘blackout experience’ side channels must be placed on the sides of the roller shades to keep out any light that may filter in.

Light Filtering Rolling Shades

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Light filtering fabrics are available in a wide variety of colors and transparency options. They provide privacy while maintaining the view of the outdoors. One word of caution, the amount you can see out during the day is exactly the amount that others on the outside can see inside your home at night!

Zebra Shades

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Zebra shades are a very trendy, versatile and popular window treatment option. They are also referred to layered, dual, banded or transitional shades. A zebra shade is essentially a roller shade as it uses the same continuous loop operating mechanism as a roller shade to allow the fabric to roll up and down.

The alternating bands of sheer and semi-opaque on the fabric gives the home owner two options in one window treatment (this is why it is sometimes referred to as a dual shade). The sheer bands in the fabric can be rotated and lined up allowing a view of the outdoors and the light and sunshine to filter in, creating a warm and welcoming ambience, especially on a cold winter day.

Roman Shades

roman shades

When roman shades are drawn up (open) they have a stacked appearance. When they are rolled down to provide privacy or to block out the sun some roman shades have a smooth look, similar to that of a roller shade. Roman blinds are made with a cord mechanism and the cords run vertically on the outer sides of the roman shade.

Roman shades can be manufactured with some of the following options:

Hard Roman shades are made using stiffer fabrics – the same type of fabrics that are used to make roller shades.

Soft Roman shades or ‘soft’ window treatments are more common as they are made of softer fabrics, like those used to make draperies.

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