Ideas to jazz up your home with new Window Treatments

Whether you’re tired of your windows, need a refreshing change in your house, or are just looking for something to brighten up your days heading into spring, opting for new window treatments is one of the most cost-effective changes you can make.

At Rescom Designs, not only do we offer you quality products and service, but we also offer you ideas on the latest and most contemporary trends. Here are some options when it comes to revamping your windows:

rescom designs toronto new window coverings ideas Ideas to jazz up your home with new Window Treatments


What better way to start a new season than marching out of winter with a brand new colour palette! Lift your mood and treat yourself to custom window treatments in your home by indulging in this season’s jewel tones and bold colours.

PPG Paints’ colour of the year is Black Flame, a deep indigo, while Pantone has followed suit with a bold purple, called Ultra Violet, seen in the photo below. These options are perfect to add a splash of colour to your living room or bedroom, and offer lots of potential for matching your furniture and other household accessories.

Switching up your colour palette is an easy place to start when it comes to getting a fresh new look.

rescom designs toronto office space window coverings Ideas to jazz up your home with new Window Treatments


The spring season has continued to underscore the trend toward minimalism that began popping up in 2017. And indeed this year, less is more! The look is for a simple, yet aesthetically pleasing room, which emphasizes livability. Overly cluttered spaces, filled with lots of non-functional items are no longer the way to decorate. Instead, they are being replaced with clever storage options, convenient streamlined items and modest decorative elements.

Choosing from our selection of fabric blinds, roman shades, or specialty shades will allow you to achieve this look, while still hitting the mark with trending colours and fabrics. Don’t be afraid to go big, bold and make a statement with your window coverings, and in return, we’ll make sure they fall into the minimalist look and maximize the livability of your home.

rescom desgins toronto window coverings draperies project 1 Ideas to jazz up your home with new Window Treatments


If you want to have fashionable curtains, think shimmer, shine and au naturel! This spring is all about fabrics that have a shimmer interwoven throughout, allowing them to catch the light and offer a vibrant sparkle and ambience to your room.

In addition, organic cotton is rapidly increasing in popularity, not only because it is more environmentally friendly, but also because it adds a rustic charm to any room, and is in line with this year’s nature inspired spaces. Consider this option that adds a shimmer as well as some colour into your living room.

leading toronto custom window coverings Ideas to jazz up your home with new Window Treatments


Velvet is so in this year! Whether you want to add it to your window coverings in the form of manually operated blinds or motorized blinds there are lots of options for you to be able to integrate some texture and a new fabric into your living room or bedroom.

Changing the fabric of your window coverings can make a big difference in a room because of the way different fabrics absorb and reflect light. Velvet for example, can be used as a strong light blocking fabric, boding well for bedroom draperies, where you want to be able to create the optimal dark space for sleeping.

rescom designs toronto new window coverings ideas 02 Ideas to jazz up your home with new Window Treatments


As we emerge out of winter and the brilliant spring sunlight starts beaming through the window coverings of your house, you might be finding yourself wishing you could have a little bit of shade and protection from the mid day sun.

This season it’s all about making that happen with layers! Not only layers of fabric, like you would see in some of our custom roman shades, but also layers of window treatments.

For example, you could add a blackout curtain over a sheer roller shade. Working together, this gives two options – one of having a light filtering window treatment and another option of a blackout window treatment. This style adds to the aesthetics of the room, depending on how you choose to open or close each window covering.

Not to mention, this black and white layering is completely in line with 2018’s resurgence of black and white as a decorating staple.

If you are ready to try one of these new trends, give us a call. We’d love to help you make sure all your windows are looking their best for the new season ahead!

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