Epoxy Garage Floors for Toronto & GTA

Thinking of a garage makeover? One of the most important features that you need to consider is the garage floor. We suggest an epoxy floor…

What is an epoxy floor?

Quite simply it is a coating that is installed on your existing floor. Our coatings are a combination of a resin and a polyaspartic coating. The polyaspartic coating is a hardener which gives the epoxy floor its strength.

What is the difference between an epoxy coating and epoxy paint for the garage floor?

An epoxy garage floor paint is a latex acrylic product. These paints typically contain a very small quantity of epoxy which makes it a bit more durable than regular paint for use on garage floors. Unlike paint which dries on to a surface, an epoxy coating cures onto your existing garage floor.

The combination of the resin and the polyaspartic coating creates a polymer structure which gives the epoxy floor its superior strength and durability. In addition, the epoxy coating is waterproof so that moisture does not seep into your floor breaking it up from the inside. It is also very hard and resistant to acids and other chemicals that you may accidentally drop on your garage floor.

Advantages of an epoxy garage floor

Durable – epoxy floors can last over 20 years and do not easily tarnish

· Super easy to clean – oil spills can simply be wiped off

· Safe surface – floors are seamless and slip resistant

· Cost-efficient option for garage flooring

· Attractive – they are high gloss and available in a variety of colors

· Increases the aesthetics of your garage & home in general

· Adds to the value of your home

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