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Alpha Tubular Motors offer a wide range of motorization products and accessories for indoor window treatments (e.g., roller shades, zebra blinds & roman shades), and outdoor awnings and screens.

Alpha Tubular Motors was founded in Australia in 2012 with the aim of providing high quality, reliable, smart solutions for window treatments at an affordable price. Previously, these high-quality solutions were only available through European products at an elevated price.

Home automation: Alpha tubular motors will not only motorize your new or existing window treatments. They can be integrated with Google Home and Amazon Alexa so that you can simply ‘tell’ Alexa or Google to open or close your blinds – how convenient is that? For home owners with existing home automation systems they also can be connected into those.


Alpha Tubular Motors bring you a range of motorization options for your roller blinds, roller shutters and awnings.
Our tubular motors will make operating your new or exisiting window treatments so easy – just press a button and they will open or close on demand.

We guarantee quality assurance and competitive prices on all our tubular motors, DC motor systems and automation systems.

cat motor dc Alpha

These motors do not require a power source and do not have to be plugged in. They operate via rechargeable batteries (that are built into the motor) or solar panel in the case of external motors.

alpha navigator remotes Alpha

The Navigator series remotes are the latest offering from Alpha Tubular motors. They opted for an elegant and simple design featuring stainless steel edge trim and a near-invisible magnetic wall mount.

cat motor mech Alpha

A basic workhorse motor used predominantly for internal and external rolling shutters and occasional automation use. It is compatible with several lift system designs.

wall controllers Alpha

Alpha offers of range of wall mounted solutions, depending on your needs and motor type. Wall mount series controllers are battery operated remote controls are designed to look like a regular hard wired wall switch. The centre section is held in place by magnets and is removable. When removed you can walk around with it and use like a regular hand-held remote.

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